A dreamer. A traveler. An explorer. An observer.
An artist. A designer. A visual communicator.

Being an urbanite from a young age, the city environment in which she has lived allowed her to encounter the colorful dynamics of media and technology. Fascination with these creativity has inspired her to become an interdisciplinary designer+artist.

Now concerned with how the evolution of visual information impacts today’s popular culture, life style, consumerism, modernization, and underlying possible social-cultural problems, her goal is to bring the audience a colorful, multi-cultural, visual experience she was born with through a variety of medium including digital graphics, typography, mixed-media collage and silk-screen printing.

Based in New York and Hong Kong, I am open to any creative opportunities worldwide: freelance, internship, and collaboration projects with designers & artists & non-profit groups.

E-mail: hello [at] bonnie-wan.com

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